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A few days ago, Agence France-Presse published an article on the naturalization of Brazilian players in Chinese football, and believed that naturalization reflects the struggle of Chinese football for the World Cup. The so-called naturalization refers to the behavior of former foreign players, such as country A, who voluntarily renounce the nationality of country A and join the nationality of country B in order to enter the national team of a certain country, such as country B. Agence France-Presse described such a scene at the beginning of the article: Fernando broke through on the wing and then passed the ball to Goulart. Goulart made a cross, and Exon scored the ball into the upper corner of the goal. Alan and Luo Guofu gathered, and they danced samba steps together to celebrate the Brazilian bringing the Chinese men's football into the 2022 World Cup. The picture is unbelievable, but this is what the most populous country in the world is doing. They will soon be able to field a samba-style team. I don't know what to say after reading it, but this is the fact. 18 years have passed since China first entered the World Cup in 2002. The national football team has also been scolded for 18 years, and the most scolded players are the players. Others always say that they take so much money but play so badly, and they always say that they have no spirit of fighting. But they haven't really understood men's football. I remember that at the 2013 East Asian Conference, in order to protect the goal, Zeng Cheng risked his face and caught the opponent's spikes, bent his knees, jumped up, and made a save. The performance is really impressive. But in any case, they are also a member of the national team. It is not easy to be selected for the national team. At least, they are also selected. We criticized them for being bad, but have you ever thought that the lower foundation determines the superstructure? This sentence has also been quoted by Yao Ming to describe the Chinese men's basketball team. In other words, the foundation is not firmly shaken. The members of the national team are selected by all kinds of sports students. Looking back at the school days, sports students usually bear what kind of prejudices, to make it clear, what kind of talents we usually think are going to learn sports. Perhaps the phrase "Your math is taught by a physical education teacher" can explain everything. Many people learn music, art and calligraphy when children are young. Few people learn football, let alone football, not many people learn any sport. Since I was young, I have never known how many piano-level people I have known, but there are only a handful of people who have studied football systematically. The reason is that artistic talents can get extra points or qualifications for self-recruitment. In addition to learning physical education, apart from keeping children away from home all day and playing "crazy" outside (in the eyes of some parents), they just can’t move their feet here. The skin is scratched there, which only adds to the worry. How can it be better to sit quietly in a studio or music classroom and cultivate sentiment. Therefore, as far as the selected physical education students are concerned, choosing to engage in physical education is an unselectable choice. If the national team is not good, but think about the players who are to be selected as the national team are good and bad, then what reason do we have to scold the active players? We should look at ourselves, besides abuse, is there anything else? Method. It is true that it is a bit embarrassing to let a naturalized player play in the national team, just like my own child can only scold him by himself, no matter how bad he is, looking for someone's face is a lot of enthusiasm, but I always feel sorry. I think it is not impossible to choose naturalized players. After all, it is a good way to improve the level of the "national football" (I don't think it can be regarded as the national football in the traditional sense) in the short term, and it is not without precedent abroad. Just like the stars in the NBA, many of them are foreigners. Others are willing to become Chinese nationals to serve China. On the one hand, they are given sufficient treatment. On the other hand, the gold content of Chinese passports in the world is increasing, which reflects China's growing prosperity. But this is always the use of other people’s wedding clothes to treat the symptoms rather than the root cause. If you want to really improve the quality of the national football, in essence, it is to improve the quality of national sports and sports. This is the focus of the insightful people in society, and it is also smashing those keyboards. The key to Xia’s keyboard. Just like the interpretation in the movie "Win the Championship", what Chinese men's football may lack is not skills, not ability, but a goal that they can strive for, one that can really make them forget their personal hard work and turn "I" into " Our" opportunity. In addition, what can be seen in this movie is that what the Chinese men's football really needs is not those so-called gold medal coaches, but a person who can really bring changes to the national football team, no matter who it is, whether it is a player or an official. Everyone hopes that one day, we can also watch a tearful movie about the history of the Chinese men's football championship in the theater. It may be far away, or it may be near. However, if we are parents in the future, we will do nothing different from the previous generation, then it is destined to be far, far away.

几天前,法新社发表了一篇文章,介绍了巴西球员在中亚博平台网上登录国足球比赛中的入籍问题,并认为入籍反映出中国足球为世界杯而付出的努力。 所谓入籍,是指前外国球员(例如国家A)的行为,他们自愿放弃国家A的国籍并亚博网上登录加入国家B的国籍,以便进入某个国家(例如国家B)的国家队。 。 法新社(Agence France-Presse)在文章的开头描述了这样一个场景:费尔南多(Fernando)在侧翼突破,然后将球传给了古拉特(Goulart)。古拉特传中,埃克森将球踢进了球门的右上角。艾伦(Alan)和罗国富(Luo Guofu)聚集在一起,他们一起跳桑巴舞,庆祝巴西人将中国男足带入2022年世界杯。情况令人难以置信,但这就是世界上人口最多的国家正在做的事情。他们很快将能够组建一支桑巴风格的球队。 看完之后我不知道该说些什么,但这是事实。自从2002年中国第一次参加世界杯比赛以来,已经过去18年了。国家足球队也遭到了18年的责骂,其中被骂最多的是球员。其他人总是说他们花了那么多钱却玩得很烂,他们总是说自己没有战斗精神。但是他们还没有真正了解男子足球。我记得在2013年东亚会议上,为了保护进球,曾成冒着面子的危险,抓住了对手的钉鞋,弯曲了膝盖,跳了起来,进行了扑救。性能确实令人印象深刻。 但无论如何,他们也是国家队的成员。入选国家队并不容易。至少,它们也被选中。我们批评它们的质量不好,但是您是否曾经想到较低的基础决定了上部结构?姚明也用这句话来形容中国男篮。换句话说,基础没有坚定地动摇。国家队的成员是由各种体育学生选拔的。回想一下上学的日子,体育学生通常会怀有什么样的偏见,这很清楚,我们通常认为什么样的人才会学习体育。也许“您的数学是由体育老师教的”这句话可以解释一切。 许多人在孩子很小的时候就学习音乐,艺术和书法。很少有人学习足球,更不用说足球了,没有多少人学习任何运动。从我小时候起,我就不知道有多少钢琴水平的人,但是只有少数人系统地学习了足球。原因是艺术人才可以获得额外的分数或自我招聘资格。除了学习体育课外,除了让孩子们整日不在家中和在外面(在某些父母的眼中)玩“疯狂的”游戏外,他们只是无法将脚踩在这里。皮肤在那里被刮擦,这只会增加忧虑。静静地坐在工作室或音乐教室里并培养情绪会更好吗? 因此,就选定的体育学生而言,选择参加体育运动是一个不可选择的选择。如果国家队不好,但是考虑被选为国家队的球员是好是坏,那么我们为什么要责骂现役球员呢?除了虐待之外,我们还应该看看自己,还有别的吗?方法。 的确,让一名归化的球员参加国家队的比赛有点尴尬,就像我自己的孩子只能独自责骂他,不管他有多糟糕,寻找某人的面孔充满热情,但是我总是感到抱歉。我认为选择入籍球员并非并非不可能。毕竟,这是短期内提高“国家足球”水平的好方法(我不认为它可以被视为传统意义上的国家足球),这在国外并非没有先例。就像NBA中的明星一样,他们中的许多人都是外国人。 其他人愿意成为中国公民为中国服务。一方面,他们得到了充分的治疗。另一方面,世界上中国护照的含金量正在增加,这反映了中国的日益繁荣。但这始终是使用他人的婚纱来治疗症状,而不是根本原因。如果要真正提高国民足球的质量,实质上就是要提高国民运动的质量。这是社会上有见识的人们的关注点,也正在破坏那些键盘。霞的键盘键。 就像电影《夺冠》中的解释一样,中国男足可能缺少的不是技能,不是能力,而是他们可以追求的目标,真正使他们忘记自己的辛勤工作而转向的目标“我”转化为“我们的”机会。另外,在这部电影中可以看到的是,中国男足真正需要的不是那些所谓的金牌教练,而是一个真正能够为国家橄榄球队带来变革的人,无论是谁,是否是球员还是官员。 每个人都希望有一天,我们可以在剧院里看一场关于中国男足冠军历史的眼泪电影。它可能很远,也可能很近。但是,如果我们将来是父母,我们将与上一代没有任何不同,那么注定是遥不可及的。